媒体公告:第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马将在由 Blackstone、The Carlyle Group、KKR 和 TPG 于 10 月 8 日在华盛顿特区凯悦酒店联合举办的首届退伍军人计划峰会上发表演说

Oct 6, 2015, 13:33 PM by Tiffany Milano
First Lady Michelle Obama will join a roundtable discussion with the hosting firms’ CEOs, senior leaders, and veterans hiring champions and deliver remarks to approximately 150 portfolio company hiring representatives at the inaugural Veterans Initiative Summit, jointly hosted by Blackstone (NYSE:BX), KKR (NYSE: KKR), The Carlyle Group (NASDAQ: CG) and TPG. The sessions in which the First Lady will participate will begin at 1:00p.m. EST on Thursday, October 8th.

华盛顿特区 – 2015 年 10 月 6 日。在由 Blackstone(纽约证券交易所代码:BX)、KKR(纽约证券交易所代码:KKR)、The Carlyle Group(纳斯达克代码:CG)和 TPG 联合举办的首届退伍军人计划峰会上,第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马将与举办方企业的首席执行官、高层领导以及退伍军人招聘支持者一起参加圆桌讨论,并向大约 150 位投资组合公司招聘代表发表致辞。第一夫人届时参加的会议将于东部标准时间 10 月 8 日(星期四)下午 1:00 开始。

The Veterans Initiative Summit is designed to support the recruitment, hiring, retention, and promotion of American veterans across private equity portfolio companies, and will bring together private equity firms and their portfolio companies to promote the sharing of best practices, to identify gaps and opportunities in veteran hiring processes, and to energize leaders as they continue to focus on these important issues. The two-day summit will be held on October 7thand 8th at the Grand Hyatt Washington, located at 1000 H Street NW.


10 月 8 日(星期二):下午 1:00 – 1:35:公开报道

  • 地点:华盛顿凯悦酒店富兰克林广场会议室
  • Joining Forces 执行董事 Nicole Malachowski 上校将会晤举办方首席执行官、高层领导和退伍军人招聘支持者。

10 月 8 日(星期二):下午 1:35 – 1:40:公开报道

  • 地点:华盛顿凯悦酒店独立舞厅 A
  • 第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马将向约 150 位招聘高管发表致辞,并介绍由四位受雇于投资组合公司的美国退伍军人促成的专家小组。

MEDIA NOTE: Registration is required by Wednesday, October 7th at 7:00 p.m. and members of the press must arrive at the Grand Hyatt Washington by 12:00 p.m. on October 8th. To register for the event please emailMediaRegistration@inventivhealth.com. Press who do not have a White House hard pass must include their social security number, date of birth, country of citizenship, current city/state of residence and gender. If interested in interviews with any of the participants, please contact Suzanne Miller at (314) 795-4225 orMediaRegistration@inventivhealth.com.

Live truck parking is available on October 8th from 9:00am to 3:00pm on the 700 block of 11 St. NW, adjacent to the Grand Hyatt Washington, exit door 25. Live trucks must RSVP with vehicle information toMediaRegistration@inventivhealth.com. Additional updated details for registered media will be provided in advance of the event. All OPEN PRESS Veterans Initiative Summit sessions are listed below.


Wednesday, October 7th:                  

1:00p.m. – 1:10p.m.: Presentation of the Colors, Welcome & Overview


1:10p.m. – 1:15p.m.: Opening Remarks


1:15p.m. – 1:45p.m.: White House Update

Speaker: Colonel Nicole Malachowski, Executive Director, Joining Forces, Office of The First Lady 

下午 1:45 – 2:45:退伍军人计划专家小组:挑战与机遇

主持人:Taylor Morrison Home Corporation 总裁 Sheryl Palmer

专家小组成员:Alex Baird(来自 ESGR);Blayne Smith(来自 Team Red, White & Blue);Zach Iscol(来自 Hirepurpose);Wesley Clark(来自 Hilton)

3:00p.m. – 3:45p.m.: The Military Perspective

Speaker: General Daniel B. Allyn, Army Vice Chief of Staff

下午 3:45 – 4:45:最佳实践专家小组:来自外部的观点

主持人:美国陆军布什研究院兵役计划总监 Miguel Howe 上校(已退休)

专家小组成员:Matthew Parsons(来自 McKinsey & Company);Julie Gehrki(来自 Wal-Mart);以及其他人士

下午 4:45 – 5:15:“聘用我们的英雄”概述

Speaker: Eric Eversole, President, Hiring Our Heroes, and Vice President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

10 月 8 日(星期四):

下午 1:00 – 1:15:Nicole Malachowski 上校会晤举办方首席执行官、高层领导和退伍军人招聘支持者

Participants: Colonel Nicole Malachowski, Executive Director, Joining Forces, Office of The First Lady; hosting CEOs; and veterans hiring champions 

下午 1:15 – 1:35:与第一夫人进行圆桌讨论


1:35p.m. – 1:40p.m.: Keynote Remarks by The First Lady of the United States

Speaker: Introduction by Stephen A. Schwarzman, Chairman, CEO, and Co-Founder of Blackstone

1:40p.m. – 2:15p.m.: Veterans Panel:  Transition and Integration Experiences

Moderator:  Stephanie Barna, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Manpower and Reserve Affairs), U.S. Department of Defense

专家小组成员:代表 Blackstone、Carlyle、KKR 和 TPG 投资组合公司的四位退伍军人

2:15p.m. – 2:20p.m.: Remarks from Blackstone, KKR, The Carlyle Group, and TPG Senior Leadership

Blackstone 主席、首席执行官兼共同创办人 Stephen A. Schwarzman

The Carlyle Group 副主席兼 General Motors 前首席执行官 Dan Akerson

Todd A. Fisher, Member and Global Chief Administrative Officer, KKR

David Bonderman, TPG Founding Partner 

关于 Blackstone
Blackstone 是世界领先的投资公司之一。我们致力于为我们的投资者、我们所投资的公司和我们工作的社区带去积极的经济影响,创造长期价值。为实现这一目标,我们聘用优秀的人才、利用灵活的资本帮助众多公司解决问题。我们的资产管理业务所管理的资产总额高逾 3,000 亿美元,包括集中在私募股权、房地产、公共债务和实体、非投资等级信贷、不动产和次级市场基金等领域的全球性投资工具。关于更多信息,请登录 china.blackstone.com。请登录 Twitter @Blackstone 随时了解我们的动态。

关于 The Carlyle Group
The Carlyle Group(纳斯达克代码:CG)是一家全球另类资产管理企业。截至 2015 年 6 月 30 日,其通过 120 支基金和 133 支基金的基金工具管理着 1,930 亿美元的资产。Carlyle 的目标是明智地投资,并为自己的投资者(多为社会养老保险金领取者)创造价值。Carlyle 主要投资四个领域 - 企业私募股权、不动产、全球化市场策略和投资解决方案 – 它们主要分布在非洲、亚洲、澳大利亚、欧洲、中东、北美和南美 。Carlyle 拥有多个领域的专家,包括:航空航天、国防和政府服务、消费零售业、能源、财政服务、医疗保健、工业、房地产、科技和商业服务、电信媒体以及交通运输。The Carlyle Group 在六大洲设立了 35 家办事处,旗下拥有 1,700 多名员工。

About KKR

KKR 是一家全球领先的投资公司,管理着跨多资产类别的投资,其中包括私募股权、能源、基础设施、信贷和对冲基金。KKR 志在通过遵循沉着、严明的方法、雇用世界级的人才以及在资产层面推动增长和价值创造以产生富有吸引力的投资回报。KKR 不但投资于其自有资本,也投资于其合作伙伴的资本,并通过其资本市场业务员为他人带来机会。对 KKR 投资的参阅可能涉及其发起基金的活动。关于 KKR & Co. L.P.(纽约证券交易所代码:KKR)的更多信息,请登录 www.kkr.com 访问 KKR 的网站。

About TPG

TPG is a leading global private investment firm founded in 1992 with approximately $75 billion of assets under management and offices in San Francisco, Fort Worth, Austin, Dallas, Houston, New York, Beijing, Hong Kong, London, Luxembourg, Melbourne, Moscow, Mumbai, São Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo. TPG has extensive experience with global public and private investments executed through leveraged buyouts, recapitalizations, spinouts, growth investments, joint ventures and restructurings. The firm’s investments span a variety of industries including healthcare, energy, industrials, consumer/ retail, technology, media & communications, software, financial services, travel, entertainment and real estate. For more information visit www.tpg.com.


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