Blackstone and Hilton Worldwide Partner with Department of Veterans Affairs
and Kendall College to Offer
Hospitality Education Program to Veterans
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Blackstone to fund oil and gas exploration, development & production in the North Sea
RT @KendallCollege: We're thrilled about this new partnership with Hilton, #Vets and Blackstone!
RT @HiltonWorldwide: Unique program developed w/ @KendallCollege will help vets transition to #hospitality careers #OperationOpportunity ht…
RT @VAVetBenefits: VA commends corporate leaders like Blackstone in efforts to hire Veterans - which help both Vets and the bottom line. ht…

Blackstone 公布 2014 年第二季度业绩

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Blackstone Charitable Foundation Releases RFP

Blackstone Mortgage Trust 公布 2014 年第二季度业绩

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Blackstone 仅一年内就在其旗下所投资公司中雇佣了
10,000 名退伍军人

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